Bring automation accuracy insights to your payment and finance operations

Automate financial workflows, streamline payment reconciliation, and accelerate month-end close –
all in one platform.

Reiterate payment reconciliation dashboard

Precision in every transaction, clarity in every close

Designed for companies with high transaction volumes or complex contract terms, Reiterate ensures accuracy and transparency in every transaction.

Automate payment reconciliation to prevent discrepancies, streamline processes, and keep your books accurate and up-to-date with ease
Create comprehensive audit trails by documenting every transaction to enhance transparency and control over your payment operations
Manage and optimize transaction fees with advanced cost estimation tools, ensuring cost-effective choices of payment service providers

Navigate financial close with ease

Meet deadlines and reduce the time and effort required to close books each month

Get accurate financial insights to support data-driven decision-making and efficient financial risk management

Simplify your month-end and year-end closing processes to shift your team’s focus from manual tasks to strategic financial analysis

Meet deadlines and reduce the time and effort required to close books each month

Key features for complete financial control

Whether you're dealing with complex payment structures or need a reliable month-end close, Reiterate provides the tools and insights to keep your finances accurate and on track.

Payment reconciliation

Match and verify transaction records between payment solution providers and your back-office

Fee reconciliation

Validate that the fees charged by your payment service providers align with your contractual terms

Vendor performance

Estimate and compare the fees of different payment service providers to control your payment costs

Ledger entry

Automate journal entry creation in your accounting platform, ensuring timely and accurate reporting


Connect with PSPs and accounting platforms like Xero to ensure data accuracy across all your tools

Automated workflows

Streamline your financial workflows to improve efficiency and reduce manual efforts

Advanced analytics

Get detailed insights into your financial operations and make data-driven decisions

Task management

Organize and track your financial tasks effectively, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks

Go beyond financial close

Transform your data into actionable insights that drive your business growth

Data collection

Integrate with your back-office systems, PSPs, and other tools to establish a streamlined foundation for effective financial control

Data standardization

Reiterate uses advanced technology to transform disparate data into a uniform format for accurate analysis and reconciliation

Operational efficiency

Automate transaction and fee reconciliation, manage workflows and tasks to simplify everyday financial operations

Advanced analytics

Access advanced analytics dashboards that provide comprehensive insights into your financial performance

Integrate with your existing platforms and services

Ensure the data flows smoothly between all essential financial management software you use, empowering your financial teams to execute tasks with greater precision and efficiency.

Hundreds of more integrations available –
get in touch to discuss how Reiterate can enhance your finance tech stack.

Financial close platform that fits your business needs

Empower your teams with a financial control platform built for your industry — from complex transaction reconciliation in iGaming to ensuring compliance in financial services.

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What our customers say

Reiterate has been an invaluable partner in ensuring all our transactions across various Payment Service Providers are accurately reconciled. Their hands-on approach and constant availability have streamlined our operations and fortified our platform’s trust. As we navigate the complexities of financial transactions daily, knowing Reiterate has our back is truly reassuring.

– CFO of a Marketplace

Apart from reconciliation taking a lot of time, there’s also an element of human error, which happens even if you’re experienced. You could be really good at doing accounts, but a mistake can happen, and you won’t find out about it until much later. Having a clear system do it for you is a lot more trustworthy than manual work. With Reiterate, I can trust the actual numbers.

– Head of Payments at iGaming company

One of the most significant benefits we’ve gained from Reiterate is the level of transparency it has brought to our financial operations. In the past, achieving this level of transparency manually would have been a monumental challenge. Reiterate has not only reduced the risk of errors but also provided us with real-time insights into our PSP transactions, allowing us to make more informed financial decisions.

– CEO at Payment Orchestration and Optimisation Company